Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pentair IntelliFlo VS+SVRS Review

Wiring the Intelliflo VS+SVRS
Written by www.WCPandS.com. Wiring the pump for 220 is standard, just two hot and a ground wired to a 220 fuse set in the fuse box. No surprises or complications.

Programming the Intelliflo VS+SVRS
Programming is a little strange at first but quite easy to figure out. The times and speeds are programmed under the “Speed 1-8” -> “Schedules”. I have found the best schedule is 2 hours on high (2800) to move the pool cleaner and 6 hours on low speed (1100) just to move the water.
Variable speed software wise, Pentair is a generation ahead of Hayward. While the Pentair menus do have a learning curve on deciphering their menus (keep the menu tree from the manuals close in the beginning), it all comes together nicely in the end.
Other menu options include setting the pump priming time, anti freeze, and timeout settings.
VS is short for Variable Speed. The pump speed can be set anywhere between 1100RPM to 3450RPM. One of the benefits of this pump is that it is a variable speed pump. Pentair estimates on the low end, a power savings of $620 to $1240 a year. This is due to a more efficient design (magnets instead of large coils) and the pump's ability to run at lower speeds and still move water effectively. The Intelliflo is also noticeably quieter compared to the old 1hp pump this replaced.
As part of the Virginia Graeme Baker Safety Act certain safety precautions have to be in place to be considered compliant. there are other parts of the act, including drain requirements, replacing the pump is a simple way of meeting some of these requirements for equipment entrapment prevention. Being in VGB compliance and saving money with a variable speed pump (compared to single and two speed pumps) is good way of killing two birds with one stone.
The Intelliflo VS+SVRS was easy to install and setup. This is great as a replacement or upgrade of a current pump.  Just keep the manual close to the pump since it is easy to get lost in the menu tree.
Final Score: 9/10

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