Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pentair Sun Touch and Quick Touch 4 remote

The Pentair Sun Touch Automatic Pool Control System
The version that we are selling comes with the controller, two actuators (for changes valves from pool and spa returns/suction) and two temperature sensors (one for air and one for water). This works with most pumps and heaters including the Intelliflow variable speed pump.
It is easy to wire however, Pentair has their own way of thinking when it comes to programming a pool system. After a small learning curve to learn their thought process it is easy to program the system.
The system gets high marks for simplicity but loses points for its awkward programing structure.
Final score: 7/10

The Quick Touch 4 button remote
While it is nice to have the system on a digital timer with push button controls, having a remote to control the system is even better.
The installation is a breeze to setup, just 4 wires go from the antenna to the Sun Touch system. Each of the 4 buttons on the remote can be programed to perform any regular function from Sun Touch menu system. ie 1 = spa mode with heater, 2 = pool on, 3 = pool lights on, 4 = spa light on.
This is a very basic remote, there only 4 buttons, there is no LCD screen or any other status lights so there is no way to tell if the system received the command from the remote you just pushed without actually checking the pool/spa for movement. 
High marks for simplicity, loses points for only 4 buttons and no status screen/lights.
Final score: 7/10

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