Sunday, October 30, 2011

MP Industries Flex-Vac Pro Vacuum Review

The following is a review of the MP Industries Flex-Vac Pro Vacuum head.
Written by The Flex-Vac Pro vacuum heads come in sizes ranging from 14 to 22 inches; the version we used for this review was the model MP-267 19-inch head (14 inch version pictured)

In The Box
The vacuum head came almost completely assembled with everything attached except for the white cap used for hose connections that is placed on top and fits snug. Noticeably different from comparable units is the missing attachable rubber skirts on the bottom. Instead, the Flex-Vac Pro has built in soft, plastic skirts. The plastic of the frame is extended down in both the front and back to act as the skirts. This a welcome change since it is common for the rubber skirts to come loose and fall off or to get halfway off and sucked in to the vac line.

The Guts
The Flex-Vac Pro uses a metal swivel handle instead of plastic handles, which can easily be broken and warp from being weathered. The swivel works well when maneuvering the vacuum head underwater to the next area. The wheels are urethane ball bearing wheels. Traction is important since the alternative is sliding the entire unit around the bottom of the pool, making for un-straight lines. The frame is a soft, bendable plastic, with fins that allow the vacuum to form according to the pool's natural surface curves.

The Flex-Vac Pro Vacuum head has many of the features of professional grade heads at a lower cost. The built in skirt is a welcome addition. The metal swivel handle, urethane wheels, and flexible body make this unit on par with some of the more expensive vacuum heads.

  • Costs less than comparable professional series vacuum heads while keeping the same build quality
  • The bottom skirts are built in and don’t come loose like the removable rubber skirts
  • Metal handle and swivel
  • Urethane wheels that grip better then plastic  
  •  The top white cap often slips off when removing a hose from the units head
  • Removing hair or string caught in the wheels can be difficult because of the gap between the bearings and the upper/lower sections of each wheel
Final Score: 8/10


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