Monday, October 27, 2014

Fix a Two-Wheel Pool Cleaner Gear

This will cover how to fix a two-wheel pool cleaner (by Pool Vergnuegen) where the wheels turns freely without moving the turbine. Written by us at Wine Country Pools in Temecula This is how we did this specific fix and not meant and a how to guide.

Parts used:
-Phillips head screwdriver
-Hex key or Allen wrench or Allen key
-Pool cleaner gear part # 896584000-471 (reduction gear)

Before opening the cleaner, check that this is not a wheel hub problem. See our previous post here on checking and replacing a wheel hub.

There are a set of four gears that turn the right wheel. If any one of these wear down from normal use, then the wheels disconnect from the main turbine. To determine which of these is bad, the cover first needs to be removed.

Locate and remove the three Phillips head screws directly on top of the pool cleaner.

After they have been removed, the top half shell of the cleaner can be pulled straight up and off of the cleaner body.

The center cone can also now be pulled straight up and off, exposing the turbine.

To free up some room inside the cleaner, the blades of the cleaner should be removed. Move the turbine around and when a blade is at the top, slide it out of its space.

Once all of the blades have been removed, inspect the gears in the unit.

The two gears that connect the turbine to the gear drive are the same model gear.
In this case, one looks different since one has been worn down.

To replace this gear, the pin holding it in needs to be removed. Using an Allen wrench from the inside (side with the turbine), tap the pin out.

With the pin moved over, the old gear can now be removed.

A comparison of the new and old gears is shown below.

Place the new gear in the old gear’s position. The Allen wrench will be used again to move the pin back in place.

A short video of the gears now moving when the wheels move.

The turbine blades need to be put back in. Note that the largest end connects directly to the turbine and they fold towards the front of the cleaner.

Place the cone back on the cleaner, lining up the three screws’ holes.

The top shell can now be placed back on the cleaner. (This will only fit in one direction.)