Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Pool Cleaner Turning Problems

The Pool Cleaner Turning Problems:

This is a short guide on how to troubleshoot a Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner that doesn’t turn or is turning in circles. This could be caused by a stuck wheel or a single wheel that doesnt move.
Click on any image to see a larger version.

Before starting, check that the pool sweep is getting enough suction. Pull the unit up to the side of the pool.
While the system is running, unplug the hose from the pool cleaner and using your hand check that water is being pulled into the hose.

If there is suction from the hose, plug the hose back into the pool cleaner. The wheels should start moving.

If one wheel moves freely alone see below on replacing a wheel hub.

If one or more wheels do not move, while the system is turned off, remove the pool cleaner from the water and remove the connecting hose.

The wheels should not move independently of the other wheel(s). Each wheel is attached to at least one gear that is in some way connected to the other wheel(s).

If one wheel is does not move, check for obstructions in the wheels from the outside.

 If none is found, you will need to open the unit in order to look for an obstruction.
 Using a phillips head screw driver, remove the top 3 screws from the top.
 Once the screws are removed (or just unscrewed as far as they will go) the top cover can now be pulled up and off.

If you need to access the center main turbine the middle section with the hose connecter can now be pulled straight up and off

If you can spin one wheel and the other does not move, then the plastic wheel hub or drive gear on that specific wheel has worn down and will need to be replaced.
The drive gear for either side of the unit can only be changed by opening the pool cleaner top and removing the associated wheel.

This is was not necessary for this specific unit full instructions are not provided here.

Replacing a pool cleaner wheel (hub):
To begin, you need a replacement wheel hub. For a white pool cleaner, the part number is 896584000-051. In this example, we will be working on a black limited edition unit. The part number of the black wheel hub is 896584000-532.

Remove the wheel that needs to be replaced with an allen wrench.

Completely remove the center allen screw.
The wheel can now be pulled straight out away from the cleaner and off.

The rubber tire needs to be pulled off. Start with one side and pull it up and over to one side.

Continue to go around the wheel, removing the tire completely.

You can see in the pictures the difference in gear teeth between the new and old wheel hubs. (click on the pictures to see a larger version)
 The new is on top and the old on bottom.

The old tire will need to be pulled onto the new wheel hub. Start on one side and work your way around, pulling the tire up and over in place.

To attach the new hub to the pool cleaner, we only need to do the opposite of how we took it off.
Hold the wheel up to the pool cleaners side and insert the screw though the hub in to the side of the pool cleaner.
Tighten with you allen wrench, this only needs to be snug and the end flush with the side of the hub, do not force this screw in too far.

Test that the wheel no longer moves independently.
Place the pool cleaner back into the pool, connect hose and restart the system.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The pool cleaner replacing skirts

The pool cleaner the replacing skirts:

Replacing front skirt:
The front skirt is made up of two parts available in two kits. written by For the standard white pool cleaner, the “Brackets for skirt” part number is 896584000-419 for the top half and “Skirts with rollers” part number is 896584000-259 for the bottom.

Start by connecting each of the two halves together before attaching to the pool cleaner. This will be done four times.

The bottom section of the top half (see picture below) will be pushed into the top section of the bottom half 
This is a tight fit and requires a strong hand to snap the two together.

Each combined piece will now be inserted one at a time as shown.
For the first two, one side is pushed under an open slot and slid in place.

Push the first all the way to one end

For the third, it will need to be inserted on the opposite side of the two already placed in.

One side of the fourth and final piece will be inserted as the other 3 were, but now the opposite side will need to be forcibly snapped in.

Push the last side down and snap it in place.

Replacing the back skirt:
The back skirt is made up of two parts. For the white pool cleaner “Skirt Kit B” the part number is 896584000-105 and for “Brackets for Skirt” thepart number is 896584000-419. Note that two of the “Brackets for skirt” are extra and will not be used.

The two largest pieces will be at both ends of the skirt line.
Only 2 of the 4 “Brackets for skirt” will be used.

Start by attaching one skirt bracket with one bottom skirt.

These are snapped together by hand. Do this twice for the two middle skirt pieces.

Now you have the 4 sections that together make up the entire back skirt.

Slide one section of the single long pieces into the back skirt line.

Now slide the other side down and in all the way to one side.

Take one of the middle two part pieces and insert one side. Then, slide that piece all the way over to the already inserted piece.

With the other single long piece, insert one side (like in picture) and then slide over and in.

For final middle section piece, insert just one side by sliding it in.
The remaining side needs to be pushed down and snapped in by hand.

Once inserted, each piece should move back and forth freely.
See the pictures to make sure that your skirt parts have the same angle as the parts in the pictures.

With the two extra parts.