Friday, October 21, 2011

Pool Vergnuegen: The Pool Cleaner

Pool Vergnuegen: The Pool Cleaner

The following is review of the two wheel white Pool Cleaner made by Pool Vergnuegen. Written by

In the Box
The two wheel “Pool Cleaner” comes with 9 regular white hoses, 1 white leader hose with 2 floats attached, a wall flap (water gate), hose cone (for attaching to the skimmer), and a regulator valve (also just for skimmer attachment). The cleaner connects to the pool system like most other automatic cleaners.  Just attach the amount of hoses needed (which was nine in my case). There should be enough hose to reach the farthest section of the pool. The free end of the hose can be attached to either the built in pool cleaner port on the side of the pool if it has one or directly in the skimmer with the extra attachments.

The Setup and First Run
In our setup
we used the built in wall connection that was placed near the middle of the pool. Once everything was connected and the pump was turned on, the cleaner had no problem sucking up leaves, grass, and dirt from the surfaces of the pool. Because of how the gears are set, the unit will occasionally turn 90 to 180 degrees to try and reach the entire pool area. The wheels each have a knob that help lift the cleaner if it gets stuck on a drain. It easily crawls up the sides, almost a little too well. When the unit comes up the sides it will hit the water line where it will stay sucking air until the pump loses pressure causing the cleaner to fall back in to the water to wait for the system to re-prime and continue moving. 

The Guts
To open the pool cleaner
just remove the four screws on the top side. The unit works by a variety of gears slowly turning the wheels powered by a center turbine, which is pushed by rushing water.  Two floats on the cleaner hose help to keep the cleaner in an upright position while moving on the floor.

This is one of the best automatic pool cleaners available on the market. I would go as far to say it is on the same level with the much loved Hayward Navigator. While the Pool Cleaner has its strengths and weaknesses, the good far outweigh the bad.
-Even with low suction, the unit moves around easily.
-Easy to clear if something gets jammed in the main turbine.
-Does an excellent job of picking up dirt and debris form the bottom and sides of the pool.
-  Runs up the wall and comes out of the water to create a strange sucking sound.
- The plastic skirts seem to come off over time and somehow get lost in the pool.
- The knobs on the wheels will only last a few months before being warn down

Final Score: 8/10


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