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How to fix a swimming pool automatic water fill

How to fix a swimming pool automatic water fill
This guide will cover how to find and identify your built-in swimming pool’s automatic water fill. written by Also included is adjusting them to set the water level and how to replace one since these occasionally break and need replacement or repairs.

How to find your automatic water fill water shutoff valve
If the automatic water fill breaks, it can run continually and overfill the pool (and then flood the yard) so it will need to be shut off.  To do any work on the water fill, it will first need to be turned off. There is no industry standard on where to put the shut off valve or what it will even look like. It can be near the pool equipment, at the house (where the backyard hose connects), or somewhere else in the backyard (i.e. in bushes or grass).
Below are a few examples of automatic water fill shutoff valves. (Click on any image to see a larger version)

Finding your automatic water fill device
These are generally found on the pool deck near the deck edge with a skimmer lid top.
It may be held in place with screws that will need to be first removed to open the lid.

Three types of built-in automatic water fills
Pentair Autofill (the leaver):

The most common type, this is a float connected to an adjustable leaver. These leavers are screwed into the side of the water fill cubby. A nice aspect of this model is that there is a large variety of easy to find  third party replacement leavers and floats available for this unit.

To adjust, loosen the wing-nut. This allows the float to be raised or lowered. The higher the float, the higher the water level of the pool will be; the lower the float, the lower the water level of the pool.

The Poolmiser:
(From the Poolmiser website)

The second most common, this one has a moveable float that sits around a center pipe. These are screwed to the bottom of the water fill cubby. Because of the limited space, the top may need to be removed to turn the center shaft without rotating the float when replacing one of these. See the included instructions for more information on installing a replacement Poolmiser.
To adjust, turn the top screw left to raise the float (raise the water level) and turn right to lower the float (lower the water level).

Paramount Paralevel:
(From the Paramount website)

Unfortunately, I have never worked with or seen one of these installed so I am unable to provide comments.

Replacing the automatic water fill (Pentair Autofill)

Note: This side connecting water fill needs to be placed with the water faucet side down.

Unscrew the existing broken leaver at the base near the wall in a counter clockwise direction with either a crescent wrench or pliers.

On the new replacement leaver, use a thread tape or thread paste on the exposed thread of the water fill.

Screw in the entire piece clockwise hand tight. Using a crescent wrench or pliers, align this water fill so the faucet side is down.

The water fill level can also now be set. There is an adjusting wingnut on the side of the leaver that can be loosened to allow the float to be moved up and down. The lower the float, the lower the water level of the pool.

Once the level is set, turn the automatic water fill shutoff valve back on.

Replace the top of the water fill cover.

To see additional pictures see a small post here


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  4. Does anyone know about how often the auto-fill will stop working and needs to be replaced? This is the second time in less than 18 months my pool guy says it needs to be replaced, I think I am getting screwed.

    1. Normally they should last 3-5 years. Maybe ask your pool guy to show you the old one and the new together so you can see what has happen. If it really is going out that quickly maybe the auto fill is being damaged by the water chemistry (alkalinity to low or high, hard water damage ect)

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