Monday, June 17, 2013

How To Reattach The Lid of A Pentair 2000 Filter

How to reattach the lid of a Pentair 2000 filter

This article will cover how to get the lid back onto a Pentair 2000 Series filter (also known as a Purex 2000 Series filter). Once the lid is removed, even with a new gasket (Filter Lid O-Ring Red Line 071442), the lid can be difficult to push down in to its proper place.

Note: This is not a how to guide this is a description of how we would handle this specific case.
If you are unsure about fixing/repairing anything on your swimming pool equipment hire a local professional.

Tools needed
- A swimming pool filter lubricant. Use only a lubricant made for swimming pool filters since this has been tested not to have negative effects on the rubber o-ring.

1) (This step is optional.) Use a lubricant to help the lid slide on. Magic Lube was used in this case. Spread it around the exposed o-ring.

Note: The filter lid must be removed during this next step. If the lid is already attached, never turn the system on without the filter band on and tightened.

2) Fill the filter tank with pool water while the lid is removed. The easiest way is to turn the pool pump on and wait for the tank to fill.

3) Now place the lid on top of the filter.

4) Turn off the pump.

Once the pump is turned off, the water draining out of the filter will naturally create a vacuum pulling the filter lid down.

5) Push the lid down in to the filter and in place, now that the vacuum force inside the filter is also pulling the lid down it should be easier to set properly. Together, the force should be enough to get the lid all the way down until the lid overlaps the filter tank.

Note: If the lid cannot pushed completely down, do not turn the system back on with the lid partially on. Remove the lid completely before trying to refill the tank to restart the process.

6) In this specific case, the lid was down but a section of the o-ring was sticking out of the side where the lid and tank meet. The handle of a screw driver was used by moving it side to side over the exposed section to push the o-ring back into its correct position.

In the end, the o-ring should not be visible.

7) If the lid is down far enough, you can place the filter band back onto the filter and tighten it down.

8) Once the filter band is back on and tightened, the pool pump can be turned back on.

Note: There is no predefined amount to determine if the band is on tight enough. The best way is to note (take a picture of) the gap between the two meeting ends of the clamp before removing it. If this is over tightened the bolt or the nut assembly can be stripped requiring one or both to be replaced.

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