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Pentair Purex Triton 2000 SMBW Filter Lid Stuck

Pentair Purex Triton 2000 SMBW Filter Lid Stuck

This write up covers a Purex Triton 2000 SMBW filter with a top (lid) that is stuck onto the filter body. Or how to remove top of Pentair filter written by
Even under ideal conditions, it can be difficult to remove these tops. Over time, the gasket under the lid can expand, increasing the difficulty of removal.
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Note: What you don’t want to do is to remove the filter band and then turn back on the system, hoping the water will push the lid off. Under pressure, the lid would fly off, damaging anything in the area and/or causing injury to anyone near the filter.

The easiest way to remove the lid is to use two flat head screwdrivers.  This method will be described below.

Note: Using the screwdrivers to remove the lid may damage the existing gasket. For this reason, having a new gasket on hand for this specific model is recommended.

The goal is to slowly move the lid up and off, not to remove it in one try.

First, remove the filter band by unscrewing the bolt holding it on and then pull the band up and off.

Push the end of one of the screwdrivers under the lid and between the lid and the filter.

Push the screwdriver up and in as far in as possible. Then, twist the handle 90 degrees.

Go to the far side of the filter and repeat the same procedure. Then, repeat this, going around the filter. Each time, a little more of the gasket under the lid should be visible.

Sometimes, you will need to leave a screwdriver in and twisted. Then, using a second flat head screwdriver, use the same procedure near the existing one to move the lid up.

Repeat the steps until the lid can be pulled up and off of the filter.

Check the gasket for damage. It is recommended to replace this gasket after opening the lid even without any visible damage.

Note: This can be a slow process, especially if the gasket has expanded. Take your time and inch the lid up and off.

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