Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A message on cleaning Hayward cartridge systems:

A message on Hayward cartridge systems:
I have found a common mistake that is easy to make when reassembling Hayward Swimclear cartridge filter systems.

The “Top Closure Plate” that sits on the four inserted cartridges does specify up and down positions but is easy to miss.

Note: If this “Top Closure Plate” is inserted upside down, dirt will flow in and then out of the filter system.

How to identify top from bottom:
The top has four cylinder shaped ends with straight top edges. There is also a break in each. These longer tops (longer than the bottom) are meant to push against the filter lid holding the filter cartridges down and in place even under pressure.

The bottom has four smaller (smaller than the top side) cylinder shaped ends with curved in top edges. It is these curved edges that help the closure plate to be inserted to each filter top. (The pictures below show the plate upside down)

Because these ends were meant to fit in tight (to create a seal not allowing water to pass between the plate and the cartridges) you may need something to hammer each side in place. 

If the closure plate is not correct, the filter will not filter the pool water. 


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