Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to assemble a DE filter grid set

How to assemble a DE filter grid set
This guide will cover reassembling a DE filter grid set. Written by www.WCPandS.com. This is done after either cleaning or replacing one or more of the grids. The most difficult step will be getting the filter grids to fit properly into the bottom rack.
Your grid set could vary slightly from the example in this guide. (i.e. you have may 8 same sized filter grids or only one center rod) Possible differences/variations will be mentioned as they might occur.

What you will need:
- Two bricks or something similar to rest the manifold on while allowing you to reach under to tighten the nut(s).

Setting the manifold:
Set the filter manifold upside down on bricks near the two far ends of the bottom. The manifold should be stable so it won’t fall over once the grids are set in place.

At some point, you will need enough space to reach under the manifold and screw in a nut (or two depending on your filter).

Start placing the grids:
The grids will be placed one by one; each will only fit into the manifold one way. There are two stubs in the manifold and two groves for these stubs in each filter grid.

 In this case, there is one grid that is smaller than the rest. This grid will sit next to the pipe inside the filter.

Note: If you have 8 same sized grids (i.e. the Pentair/PacFab 2000 or 4000 DE filter), then any grid will fit into any manifold opening.

Setting the lower grid holder in place:

Note: This is called a “Filter Element Locator” on Hayward filters and a “Retainer Grid” on Pentair filters.

Place this rack over the top of the upside down grids.

If your filter grids have one small grid, then the hole in this rack needs to be on the same side of the manifold outlet elbow opening.

Each grid will sit in a groove of this rack. Start on one end and adjust each grid to fit in one of these, moving to the other side until the rack sits flat and each grid is in a groove.

At the end, each grid will fill a slot in the rack and the rack will sit flat on the grid set.

Reattach the center rod(s):
Place the center rod down though the rack. It will need to be pushed through to the hole on the manifold. For this filter, it has two rods that will need to be inserted.

Note: If the grids are not seated properly in the rack, the rod(s) may not be long enough to pass though the filter manifold. In this case, the rack will need to be adjusted to sit further down on to the grids.

Note: A manifold with one center rod is the most common setup.

With the rod nut in hand, reach under and screw this nut onto the rod sticking out from the manifold.

Finishing up:
Holding the grid set together by pushing on the rack into the grids, and also on the filter manifold to turn the grid set over.

Since the grids usually move further in to the manifold when turned upright, tighten to the nut(s) again.

The grid set is ready to be inserted into the filter.

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