Friday, June 20, 2014

Replacing a swimming pool AMF Paragon Timer

This was written by us at Wine Country Pools & Supplies of Temecula California, our main site can be found here.
This write-up will cover replacing a broken AMF Paragon mechanical timer with a direct fit replacement “Multiple Controls Replacement” switch from Precision with manufacturer’s model number CD 104-PC.

The Paragon timer setup (especially the new replacement model) looks similar to the more common Intermatic mechanical timers, but they are not interchangeable. The housing fittings on the left side of the timers were made for one type of attachment and will not work on each other’s housing. 
Notice the different sizes of the metal "hooks" on the left side of each below.

The most common mechanical pool timer is the Intermatic T104M as shown below.
If you have an Intermatic time clock and want to see one replaced, our previous article doing just that can be found here.

Before starting this install, the main breakers for the pool equipment are turned off.

After confirming the power is off at the timer, the plastic cover over the exposed wires just under the old timer is removed.

Since this is a 220V setup, there are two power wires coming in with a single ground wire.

Note: Whoever had previously installed this time clock did not connect the ground to the timer; instead, it only passed though the box to the pump. This was a mistake on their part as every mechanical timer should have a ground wire connected directly to it.

Note: When moving the wires from the old timer to the new timer it is important to note that the order of wires is not the same. On the old timer the incoming hot wires are 1 and 4 and on the new timer they are 1 and 3.

Each wire is held in with a single screw. Once loosened with a Phillips-head screwdriver, the wire can be pulled out of the old timer and into the new timer.

To remove the old timer, on the far right is a metal clip.
This is pushed to the right, away from the clock. Now the right side of the timer can be pulled forward. The left side is sitting in two grooves that will pull out as the right side is moved forward.

To insert the new timer in the old housing, on the left side of the timer are two metal ends that will fit into two holes on the old housing. Line these up and push the timer into them.

Once the left side is in, the right side is pushed back in, locking the timer into place.

An extra piece of wire is used to connect the time lock to the ground wire.

After all wires are transferred over and the new clock is in place, the plastic cover that came with the clock is placed over the exposed wires.

The on and off switches are attached to the dial to the desired times.

The power is turned on at the breakers and the timer is tested.


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