Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spa Light Halogen Addendum

This is meant as an addendum to the previous Pool/Spa light bulb replacement write up. If your light does not look like the bulb in the example this article might apply to you.

Spa lights come in a few different forms: narrow flood, medium base halogen, a standard flood light or a thinner halogen JD bulb.

With any of the bulb types listed, the lens gasket is the same.

The installation difference is with the thinner halogen JD bulbs. Inside the light, after the lens and the lens gasket are removed, is a reflector.

At this point, the reflector can be pulled out.

Before a halogen bulb can be unscrewed, there is a metal brace that needs to be released by using one hand pull the two sides of the brace holding the bulb together.

While still holding the brace open, unscrew the halogen bulb.

When installing the new bulb, the brace will need to be held open. When finished, release the brace and it will hold the bulb in place.

Set the reflector back in the housing around the newly placed bulb.

Place the new lens gasket onto the old lens. The remaining steps are the same in the original write up found here
For reference the remaining photos of this specific job are below.


  1. Just before winter set in, one of the lights on the bottom of the pool went out. What does it cost to replace one of those? What brand of bulb should I be looking for? We had our pool installed less than a year ago. Should this bulb fall under the warranty?

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