Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cleaning a Pentair Clean and Clear Single Cartridge Filter

Cleaning a Clean and Clear Single Cartridge Filter

This is a guide on cleaning the Clean & Clear single cartridge filter system (Part numbers CC50, CC75, CC150, and CC200) written by What makes this model unique is the removable center core of the cartridge which also makes this filter cartridge element a non-standard cartridge. The filter used in this example is a Clean & Clear CC150.

I will try to list part numbers in case any parts are broken or are found broken during your cleaning.

1) Turn off the pump to ensure that the system cannot turn on automatically. The easiest way is to turn off the breakers for the main pump.

2) Open the air relief valve (98209800) on the filter.

3) Push the two buttons on the bottom of the “Locking Ring Assembly” (59052900) up and turn the entire assembly counter clockwise while pulling it up to release it from the filter.

4) The top half of the filter (178561 for CC75, CC150, CC150 and CC200) can now be removed by pulling it up and off.

5) The cartridge (R173216 for CC150) can now be pulled up and out of the filter.
For a thorough cleaning, you will need to separate the filter from its “Center Core” (59053800 for CC150 and CC200).

6) Turn the cartridge upside down. Now pull the Center Core can be up and away from the cartridge.

7) Hose off the cartridge to remove as much dirt and debris as possible. Be sure to hose the inside as well as the outside.

Note: A swimming pool professional might use liquid acid to remove stains from the cartridge.

If there are any holes or tares in the cartridge it will need to be replaced, the part numbers for each size is given below.

Manufacture Part numbers:
R173213 Cartridge Element 50 sq. ft.
R173214 Cartridge Element 75 sq. ft.
R173215 Cartridge Element 100 sq. ft.
R173216 Cartridge Element 150 sq. ft.
R173217 Cartridge Element 200 sq. ft.

8) With the Center Core right side up, place the cartridge onto it with the writing on the top side of the filter. When the filter is on the Center Core you should be able to see text on the cartridge top. If not, the cartridge is upside down.

9) Place the Center Core and cartridge back into the filter. Notice the arrow marking the direction to insert the unit. Once placed, it should lock in and you should not be able to spin the Center Core once it is set. If you can spin yours, it is not in place and will need to be readjusted.

10) Place the top half back on to the filter. It should sit flush with the bottom half. To do the next step, this needs to be all the way down. If you cannot push your lid down completely, the O-Ring (87300400) may have expanded and may need to be replaced.

11) Place Locking Ring assembly over the top of the filter while turning clockwise and push the assembly down. It will lock in place once it is seated correctly.

12) With the air relief valve still open, turn on the main system pump. Once the system is running and water is blowing through the relief valve, close the valve.

If your filter is leaking water around its midsection while running, you can turn everything off and check to see that the Locking Ring Assembly is correctly installed. If after checking, it is correct and the system still leaks, the O-Ring (87300400) that sits between the top and bottom halves of the filter should be replaced.


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  2. Hello I have this type of filter on my pool, however the I am not able to remove the center core as you have in the picture. Recently, I am getting dirty water re-circulating into the pool. I think it is because the core has multiple cracks that allow dirt to get through. I have found places online that sell the replacement core at about $100-$125, but I am not sure how to remove and replace once I get it. Any suggestions?

    1. I would need to see a picture to be sure but if the cartridge core is black it can be separated from the cartridge media. To do this turn the cartridge upside down once it is out of the filter and the two will pull apart.
      If the core is white or tan then it is one piece and the whole cartridge will be changed out.

    2. you can check it on the web there is much option to know about the process to clean the cartridges. As you have the above images after that you will see the debris, dirt around the cartridge so use brush with flow of water to remove all.

  3. Cartridge Filter are easy to clean. Just simply pull out the cartridge from the filter and clean with water shower.

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